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Our mission today is the same as it was fifty years ago: to provide the level of legal expertise and service that our families, our friends and our community deserve. We help our clients protect their rights, plan their estates, and grow their businesses. We are committed to serving the families, the land and mineral owners, and the businesses of Oklahoma. 

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What Clients Are Saying

  • review rating 5  Sara Bondurant has been amazing to work with through the process of approval for Medicaid for our mother. She is very knowledge in the area of the legal rights of the elderly. With my being out of state as well as both of my brothers, she has been so helpful and accommodating with three different time zones, answering our questions, walking us through the applications and appeal process and so much more. I highly recommend Sara for any need advice or guidance with Medicaid and/or legal assistance concerning Medicaid and Eldercare. Thanks Sara!

    thumb Sally Madden
  • review rating 5  Mark Walraven was the only attorney that called me back out of 5 that I had contacted to assist me and my siblings/cousins regarding a matter leading to possible inheritance of mineral rights. If didn't work out the way we hoped, however Mr. Walraven was prompt in reviewing the documentation, providing information, answering the many questions I had and explaining why we didn't have any recourse. He even responded once on a Sunday (which would is unheard of where I live). I would definitely recommend his/the firm's services to anyone needing such help. He was extremely friendly, unassuming and put me at ease very quickly on a subject I knew nothing about. Oh.... I stand corrected... One other attorney did call me back.... a little more than 2 weeks after I had completed conversations with Mr. Walraven and only to tell me she had finished confirming there were no conflicts of interest and she could now answer questions for me. Too little, too late.

    thumb Irene Kaplanis
  • review rating 5  Dealing with Graft and Walraven has been a very positive experience during some very difficult times. My husband and his brother inherited oil and mineral rights from their mother. When they started to get offers to buy them, he wanted advice from someone who knew the area and who had experience with oil, gas and mineral leases. He and his brother found Graft and Walraven through an internet search. When he called, he was very impressed with the knowledge, helpfulness and thoroughness of everyone he talked to. When it became necessary for the rights to be transferred to me, the staff informed me of what needed to be done, what it would cost, how long it would take and answered all my questions. I am very grateful for the knowledge, help and support they provided. I highly recommend Graft and Walraven.

    thumb pam hanna
  • review rating 5  I inherited some acreage of mineral rights from my mother that had an existing shallow well lease that paid a tiny annual royalty. Frankly, it cost more to file the non-resident OK tax return each year than I made on royalties. But I knew something was up when I started getting unsolicited letters from landmen wanting to lease/buy my rights. I had no idea what the "real" value was so I what anyone would do...I Googled "Oil/Gas attorneys in Custer County, OK". Fortunately, G&W was on the top of the list and I gave them a call. They immediately made me feel comfortable and answered all the questions I had, no matter how silly or stupid. Long story short, not only did they get me a great price for my rights but they handled the negotiations to cancel the existing lease, thereby freeing me up to move forward with the sale. At every step along the way, they kept me informed, responding quickly to any questions or concerns I had. I have no doubt I wouldn't have done nearly as well had I tried to manage this process on my own. G&W's knowledge and expertise made all the difference and I recommend them without reservation.

    thumb Robert Hanna
  • review rating 5  Sara Murphy helped us with our estate planning. She made the process so easy. She took something that can be pretty painful and made it painless.

    thumb Alice Young
  • review rating 5  Graft & Walraven’s Sara Murphy has done several trusts for my family and we couldn’t recommend them more. They ensured our loved ones’ wishes were honored through several family losses.

    thumb Kaleb Murphy

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