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Oil and Gas Lease Attorney

As a mineral owner, you may be interested in learning more about managing your oil and gas interests. We have over fifty years of experience helping Oklahoma oil and gas mineral owners with all areas of royalty issues, including oil and gas leases, mineral sales, royalty deductions, non-commercial wells, surface use agreements, soil farming agreements, pipeline easements, negotiations with oil and gas companies, and all other issues surrounding mineral owners’ royalty interests.

If you have received an oil and gas lease offer or an offer to purchase your mineral interests, we can assist you with all of the following services:

  • Oil and gas lease royalty and bonus amount negotiation
  • Mineral rights sale prices and terms negotiation
  • How to modify your oil and gas leases to protect your interests 
  • Division order drafting and review
  • Mineral royalty calculation and payments
  • How to enforce oil and gas lease terms and payment of royalties
  • How to release your minerals held by a non-commercial well
  • Clearing title issues
  • Transfers of oil and gas interests
  • Oil and gas royalty deductions
  • Oil and gas lease and royalty litigation

Maximize Your Leasing Opportunities

By working together with other mineral owners in your area, you may be able to secure better terms and prices for your mineral interests. As a courtesy to our clients, we have created a database to allow our clients to keep track of their mineral interests and share this information with family members or other mineral owners. Learn more about registering your minerals with the Graft & Walraven Mineral Registry.

Oil and Gas Litigation—Enforcing Lease Terms and Payment of Royalties

As the owner of oil, gas and other minerals in Oklahoma, you have the right to explore and produce your minerals. Like most mineral owners, however, you probably entered into an oil and gas lease agreement with an exploration company. The oil and gas lease entitles you to be paid a certain royalty percentage of all of the oil and gas production in exchange for allowing the operator to produce and market the oil and gas minerals that you own. In the event that an older, existing well is no longer a commercial well, you are also entitled to have the oil and gas lease holding your mineral interests released.

Sometimes oil and gas companies refuse to honor the terms of your oil and gas lease or refuse to comply with the duties and obligations they owe you under Oklahoma law. If you find yourself in this situation, it can be frustrating and at times overwhelming. Whether you feel you must utilize the court system to protect your interests or you find yourself served with a lawsuit, we can help you. Our firm combines extensive litigation experience, in-depth knowledge of oil and gas law, and a commitment to personal service. You will work directly with us to fully resolve your case, and you can have confidence we will zealously protect your interests. We also understand that most clients wish to avoid court and the publicity of litigation. We have resolved many cases through negotiation or settlement, thereby allowing our clients to  avoid the costs and publicity of litigation and trial.

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