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Oklahoma Business Planning Lawyers

Business PlanningYou know you have what it takes to own your own business. You have an outline of your goals, strategies and a solid business plan. But did you know that selecting the wrong business entity for your specific needs could cause you to lose potential tax-savings and liability protection?

Perhaps you are running an ever-growing farming and ranching operation. You know how to successfully run livestock and grow crops. But what liability exposure do you have if livestock get out on the highway and cause an accident? How much could you be over-paying on taxes simply because you don’t have the right business entity selected for your operation?

Maybe you and your family members own several small tracts of minerals. On your own, the interests are very small. If the interests are combined, however, you could collectively have better negotiating power in managing your property. But with so many different owners, how should you set up management of these interests and what are the tax consequences?

Choosing the correct business entity, organization structure and terms suited to your specific needs is critical to the long-term success of any small business, venture or operation. We have extensive experience helping our clients successfully manage their businesses—from planning and formation to operation and succession. We invite you to contact us to learn more about all the services we offer for business owners.