Alicia Carpenter

Office Manager

Alicia CarpenterFor nearly three years, Alicia has kept the Clinton office running at peak efficiency. Her responsibilities include: billing, payroll, accounts receivable, and accounts payable; information technology assistance; human resources; marketing; building and maintaining firm reports; and account reconciliation. Given the breadth of her responsibilities, Alicia was clearly raised with a strong work ethic. Her organizational skills, willingness to accept any challenge, and attention to detail allow her to thrive in the firm’s fast-paced environment. She has been an Office Manager for nine years.

Alicia was born and raised in western Oklahoma. She graduated from Leedey High School and earned her Associates in Business Administration from Western Technology Center of Burns Flat, Oklahoma. Alicia and her husband of 14 years, Brandon, have two children: MaKinlee, 10, and Gage, 7. They live on the same homestead where Alicia grew up. MaKinlee and Gage are the 6th generation of Alicia’s family to grow up there.

In her free time, Alicia helps Brandon with the farm, where they run 110 head of cattle. They are also active in the Cornerstone Church of Clinton. Alicia believes in the credo “faith first, family second, career third.” The family enjoys golfing, fishing, hunting, and camping together. MaKinlee and Gage are also active in sports, so the family spends a lot of time at softball, baseball, and basketball games, as well as track meets.